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JULISSA REYNOSO SHOWED HER GRATITUDE TO THE URUGUAYAN GOVERNMENT When there`s a will Julissa Reynoso said that her stay in Uruguay has been "better than expected" and she highlighted the hard work of the Uruguayan government and their "willingness to negotiate." On Tuesday, There was an Asado at the Quincho de Varela in honor of Julissa Reynoso, who will be leaving her post at the American Embassy in Uruguay in order to "go home to New York." In an interview for Telemundo, Reynoso said that she had "a very favorable opinion of Uruguay," a country she had "read about". Her experience here has been "wonderful" and "better than expected." Reynoso said that her mission here had a positive outcome, as she was able to establish relations with people of "all walks of life," and she pointed out that "no negotiations could have been made without the help of the local government." "They have been very willing to work with me and my government; willing to talk and negotiate. Without dialogue nothing could have been accomplished," she sustained. WHALE FOUND IN SANTA TERESA A team of Experts from the Organization for the Conservation of Cetaceans is studying the remains of a humpback whale that appeared in Santa Teresa with no signs of injury. On Saturday, a male specimen of the humpack whale was beached near Santa Teresa. This is the second whale that was beached in Uruguayan coasts in one week. Some days before another cetacean was found in Capurro. This is a specimen of approximately eight meters in length; it belongs to the species Megaptera novaengliae. According to Marina Angeli, from the Organization for the Conservation of Cetaceans, the specimen was in a state of decomposition and had no signs of bruising or other injuries. A team from the OCC went to the location, along with personnel from the National Administration of Aquatic Resources to take samples that will be taken to the college of Veterinary studies. Its cause of death will also be investigated there. Reporte semanal de noticias de Montevideo Portal, traducidas al inglés por Inc. Centro de Capacitación Joaquín de Salterain 1157. T: 2408 77 37 /

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